Rest assured that our licensed Community Association Manager adheres to Florida Statutes 718 (Condominiums), 719 (Cooperatives), 720 (Mandatory Homeowners' Associations), and 721 (Timeshares). Experience peace of mind as we oversee your property, ensuring compliance, excellence, and seamless execution of your projects.

We take pride in delivering exceptional project management services overseen by a licensed Community Association Manager. With expertise in Florida Statutes 718, 719, 720, and 721, we ensure compliance and excellence in all our endeavors. Here are our key offerings:

Required Association Duties

From overseeing, noticing, and reporting Annual Meetings, Election Process, supervising vendors and employees. Plus, we establish channels of routine communication and accountability between the Board and our team.

Project Planning and Management

We handle all aspects of project planning and management, guaranteeing a well-organized and successful implementation.

Proposal and Bidding Process

We assist in the proposal and bidding process, securing competitive and comprehensive proposals from qualified vendors.

Construction Renovation Oversight

Our expert team provides thorough oversight during construction and renovation projects, ensuring top-notch workmanship and adherence to timelines.

Milestone Reports

Stay informed about the progress of your property projects with our detailed milestone reports, allowing you to track every step of the way.

Temporary Property Management Services

Need temporary property management? We offer professional services for projects lasting less than a year, providing continuity and efficient management.