How long does it take for you to start managing my property?

What is the timeline for finding new tenants and filling a vacancy?

Why do you ask tenants for an application fee?

How do you decide the cost of rent for my property?

How does rent collection work?

Can I use direct deposit to receive rental income?

Do you screen tenants?

Can I use the insurance I already have?

What do tenants have to do before moving into my property?

What happens at the end of a lease?

What inspections with your team conduct for my property?

How are the utilities organized?

What happens if a tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

What is your property damage policy?

What reports on my property can I access?

Should I accept a tenant who smokes or one who has a pet?

Does hiring a property manager mean I'll lose control of my rental property?

Pest Share FAQs

Why do you use Pest Share?

What is the Pest Share Program?

Who is Pest Share?

Is Pest Share a pest control company?

How is service requested?

How often can service be requested?

What kind of pests does Pest Share cover?